Mike Greenberg returns to Get Up

One week after undergoing a heart procedure that briefly sidelined him from ESPN, Mike Greenberg returned to hosting Get Up Monday morning.

With Greenberg off-air last week, his wife Stacy provided several updates on Twitter, showing the Get Up host recovering at home. As fans offered well wishes and voiced their concern, Stacy provided more details about Greenberg’s health last Thursday.

“For those asking: Greeny had a cardiac ablation on Monday,” she wrote on Twitter, “Recovery is slow, he has to do nothing and believe me…. he’s not great at that! We both really, really appreciate all the nice messages.”

And on Friday, Greenberg tweeted a message of his own to thank everyone who reached out to wish him well throughout the week.

“As the week ends, I want to say that [Stacy] and I are so grateful for all the well wishes you’ve sent us,” Greenberg wrote. “I’m sure I’ll say something ridiculous that makes you yell at me again soon enough, but please know I will never, ever forget the kindness we’ve been shown this week.”

While no timetable was shared for Greenberg’s return to Get Up and his ESPN Radio show, it was a welcome sight to see him back on-air Monday morning, just one week after the medical procedure.

Greenberg briefly alluded to his absence at the top of the show when they teased a segment on Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets. “I’ve been gone awhile, this has to have gotten done, right?” he asked. A die-hard Jets fan, Greenberg’s stress and apprehension over the looming Rodgers trade to New York was widely chronicled earlier in the month.

After noting he was “delighted to be back,” on ESPN, the set applauded Greenberg’s return. “It is very nice to have a job that I am excited to come back to,” Greenberg later added.

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