Mike Greenberg Credit: Get Up on ESPN

In the final edition of the illustrious “Big Man, Tiny Helmets” segment on Get Up on Friday, Mike Greenberg prepared to lock in his Super Bowl pick by smashing a miniature replica of a San Francisco 49ers helmet, sealing the Kansas City Chiefs as his pick. But despite the goggles worn by everyone in the Get Up cast to protect from projectile helmet shards, Greenberg got caught in the line of fire.

When Greenberg swung toward the helmet with his hammer, the angle was all wrong and entire helmet shot back up toward his face.

The true star of the segment, Damien Woody (the “big man” in the name), saved the day by obliterating a 49ers helmet himself with one confident swing.

Unfortunately for Greenberg, the joke writes itself here. It would appear he was not in fact a big (enough) man to take care of the little helmet and get the payoff for television.

He should probably leave that to Woody in the future, who was listed at 6-3 and 330 pounds during his NFL playing career.

For whatever reason, Get Up has a thing for smashing stuff. Another recurring segment called “Sat ‘Em Down” features Jeff Saturday highlighting great offensive line play and awesome “pancake” blocks around the NFL. Last fall in promotion of the MLB postseason, analyst Jessica Mendoza put together her version of the segment in which she… hit a pancake with a bat?

The idea of Get Up is to bring a morning show atmosphere to the sports world, so the fun and games are expected. But must it be so violent?

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