Much ink (and e-ink) has been spilled over the end of ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike and what exactly happened behind the scenes before one of the most iconic sports radio programs ended in 2017.

Before Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic ended their Hall of Fame radio program following a 17-year run, there were rampant reports of a “poisonous atmosphere,” backstage politicking, and rumormongering. Golic has said that the show “did not end well” and that “there really isn’t much of a relationship anymore.”

Greenberg, who now hosts ESPN’s Get Up and NBA Countdown, stopped by The Pat McAfee Show on Monday and gave his assessment of the situation, starting with what he says was not a big drama at all.

“There was not massive drama at all,” Greenberg said. “I haven’t talked to him in a while. I would be happy too. If I saw him, it would be fine. I would say, no…I don’t know if it’s still the case, but for a long time, people said that they missed it, and that just means that you created something that people liked and cared about.”

There was certainly a lot of reported drama and Golic has implied pretty heavily that there was some drama, but Greenie is going with no drama. We guess it’s a classic case of he-said, he-said and, short of a 30 for 30 with never before seen, behind-the-scenes footage, we’ll probably never know exactly what when down for sure.

Then again, Golic did say “someday, I will tell the full stories on everything,” so perhaps we’ll just have to wait for that.

[Pat McAfee Show]

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