Mike Greenberg A real picture of Mike Greenberg actually hosting his Greeny ESPN Radio Show. Screengrab via ESPN.

New York Jets diehard and longtime ESPN host Mike Greenberg still can’t give up on the most-hyped Jets season of his lifetime. Enough so that footage of injured star quarterback Aaron Rodgers throwing warmup passes pregame is enough for Greenberg to believe Rodgers will indeed return this season.

After Rodgers was seen walking without crutches or a boot on Sunday and able to throw a football, Greenberg is ready for a scientific miracle.

“I’m aiming this directly at all the people who have been mocking me,” Greenberg said. “Aaron Rodgers is coming back. He’s coming back. There’s no doubt about it.”

“Why is he standing out there without crutches yesterday moving around reasonably well, throwing footballs, standing on the sideline throughout that game?”

“He is around this team not as a coach. He is around this team because he absolutely is a part of it. And he is coming back to play.”

Rodgers ruptured his Achilles’ tendon the first Monday of the NFL season. NFL players like Cam Akers and Terrell Suggs have returned in fewer than six months, but even that is rare no matter how adventurous your rehab methods. A six-month recovery would put Rodgers back on the field in March, too late to rejoin the team.

Of course it is remarkable to see Rodgers able to move and throw comfortably about a month after such a significant injury. Maybe he shocks everyone.

Still, it’s hilarious how little it took for Greenberg to be fully sold on Rodgers coming back in December if the games are “meaningful.”

“You can keep making fun of me, you can keep saying I’m out of my mind,” Greenberg said. “We can have this conversation when he is starting sometime in December.”

No problem, Greeny. We’ll keep making fun of you.


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