According to multiple reports, Mike Golic Jr. will leave ESPN.

Barrett Sports Media reported that a memo sent to ESPN Radio affiliates noted that Golic would no longer be hosting his afternoon drivetime show with Chris Canty.

The memo, obtained by BSM:

We would like to inform you that as of Tuesday, February 8, 2022 Mike Golic, Jr. will no longer be a part of the ESPN Radio Network lineup. In the interim, our 3-7P ET timeslot will become ‘ESPN Radio Afternoons’, with host Chris Canty joined by an ensemble of co-hosts.  A formal announcement regarding our plans for this timeslot moving forward will be announced soon.

After the BSM report, Ryan Glasspiegel followed up with a confirming report in the New York Post that Golic Jr. would indeed be leaving ESPN.

Golic Jr. joined ESPN in 2015. Before hosting with Canty, his co-host was Chiney Ogwumike, and prior to that he contributed to “Golic & Wingo” with his father, Mike Golic, and Trey Wingo.

Golic Jr.’s exit from ESPN comes about a year and a half after his father departed the company, following a two-decade run in morning drive for ESPN Radio.

A source told The Post that ESPN did make an offer to Golic Jr., but he decided to leave.

Obviously declaring it as Golic’s decision is at least true in part; if there was a contract offer and he declined, that was his choice. (Though there are still plenty of variables there.) It’s tempting to read into it further, too, considering how acrimonious his father’s exit from ESPN was. But there’s a strong chance that for someone like Golic, with a visible platform, recognizable name, and a large Twitter following (along with, you know, being good at the job) could probably find plenty of offers out there elsewhere.

For Golic’s part, he seems to be taking the news breaking in stride:

UPDATE: Golic confirmed the news on Twitter.

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