A woman cheering on the Boston Celtics Credit: ESPN

The 2024 NBA Finals wrapped up Monday night when the Boston Celtics completed their 4-1 series victory over the Dallas Mavericks, garnering their 18th NBA title.

During the NBA Finals, ESPN’s broadcast has been dealing with plenty of criticism, though most of it went in the direction of their pre-game and halftime studio show. However, there was a slip-up from the broadcasting team during Monday night’s game that we can add to the pile.

Late in the game as the Celtics seemed assured of their victory, analyst Doris Burke praised Jrue Holiday and his wife and the commitment they made to Boston. ESPN’s cameras then happened to show a random woman in the crowd. Breen saw the shot and presumed that the woman was Holiday’s wife.

“So 4:39 remaining…and there’s his wife,” said Breen.

Unfortunately, that was not his wife.

Word got back to Breen a few minutes later and he was able to offer up an apology and clarification.

“We want to make a quick correction and apologies, that was not Jrue Holiday’s wife,” said Breen.

Breen is among the best in the business and mistakes happen. Unfortunately, it was a particularly awkward one on the biggest NBA stage, but the quick apology made it easy to just move forward and celebrate the Celtics’ victory.

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