ESPN is pulling out all the stops in promotion of The Last Dance, the 10-part documentary series on Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls. A lot of people are already thinking it will be ESPN’s most-watched documentary series of all time, especially given the current television landscape and the lack of much original sports programming. The show premieres Sunday night on ESPN (as well as a censored version on ESPN2) and you’d be hardpressed to find a promotional angle they haven’t taken to hype it up.

That includes trailers for fake 30 for 30 documentaries that you might actually want to see, now that you think about it.

The 30 for 30 Twitter account tweeted out a trailer Sunday morning for an episode of the award-winning series dedicated to Scranton, Pennsylvania’s most enigmatic sports legend of all time, The Office’s Michael Scott.

“What if I told you he wasn’t the greatest? That a country would fail to protect its greatest natural resource? That sometimes it is a matter of life and death? That no one can outrun the truth? That you can heal all wounds with a fight song? That the man no one could stop tragically was what if I told you running a marathon is easy?”

Most of the “trailer” focuses on Scott’s antics during a pick-up basketball game in the Dunder Mifflin warehouse from season one of The Office.

And the trailer ends with a nod to Scott’s insistence that he’d cruise to victory in season four’s “Fun Run.” He did not.

The funny thing is, given that the conceit of The Office was that they were being filmed by a documentary crew the entire time, there probably would have been scores of unused footage available to create a documentary series about this fake documentary series, which is getting wat too meta.

Michael Scott himself noticed the trailer and left some inspiring words of wisdom that we can all live by while we await the release of this 30 for 30.

And as we all tune in tonight to start The Last Dance, this fake trailer leaves us with a lasting image of what could have been…

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