ESPN 104.5 Baton Rouge radio host Matt Moscona went on a rant about Alabama football's future without longtime coach Nick Saban. Photo Credit: 104.5 ESPN Matt Moscona Photo Credit: 104.5 ESPN

There have been plenty of predictions about Alabama football’s future following longtime head coach Nick Saban’s departure in January.

It would be hard to find one as merciless as a rant Tuesday by Matt Moscona.

First, understand that Moscona hosts a radio show (After Further Review) on 104.5 ESPN in Baton Rouge, where LSU fans hate all things Alabama. And Moscona is an LSU alum, too. So he is not an impartial observer, and that’s worth keeping in mind in understanding his brutal monologue about the future of Alabama football under new head coach Kalen DeBoer.

“You want to know my opinion on why Nick hasn’t been around? Because he doesn’t want to watch Kalen DeBoer tear down everything he’s spent the last two decades building,” Moscona began. “Nick is playing golf in a palatial estate somewhere, far, far from the plume of smoke that continues to hover over Bryant-Denny Stadium.”

Moscona continued his monologue with a backdrop of ominous music you’d expect to hear in some religious apocalyptic thriller.

He noted that it has been fun watching Tide fans suffer as the team has taken a slight step back the past couple of years.

“We have all bathed in their tears because for 17 years, they urinated on our collective head and now, ha ha ha ha, the turns have tabled. It’s your turn to burn!” Moscona said.

He then criticized Alabama’s roster, pointing in particular at tight end Josh Cuevas, who transferred from Washington this week. Moscona noted he was a “no-star recruit” coming out of high school.

“Does that sound like an Alabama tight end?” Moscona asked. “In what world, in what reality, would Alabama ever have a no-star recruited tight end? I’ll tell you where. A reality where Nick Saban is no longer the coach, where your reign of terror is over, where your roster is going to look more like Kentucky than Alabama. The Crimson empire is burning to the ground. There’s not a single spot on the field where Alabama will be better on the field in 2024 than in 2023.

“Not only is Nick Saban gone, not only is his coaching staff gone, but the standard he’s set, the depth and talent in that roster has eroded.”

Listening to Moscona’s brutal hot take, one would assume Alabama has absolutely no hope going forward. In the interest of fairness, the Tide has the No. 2 recruiting class in the country entering this fall. DeBoer went 25-3 and took the Washington Huskies to the CFP National Championship game last year.

But Moscona kept going in his rant, with the apocalyptic music reaching a crescendo as he finished.

“I got news for you Kalen DeBoer, it’s going to be hard as hell to coach a game of football on a burning pile of rubble.

“Bama is burning! Nick Saban is golfing!”

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