ManningCast was back for Week 8’s Monday Night Football matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Giants. While the game itself, won by the Chiefs 20-17, wasn’t terribly exciting, Peyton and Eli made things interesting thanks to some special moments and insights from guests Jon Stewart, Michael Strahan, Bills quarterback Josh Allen, and Michael Irvin.

While plenty of fun was had by all, let’s check out the five most pertinent highlights from the festivities.

Peyton v. Chicken Breast: Dawn of Justice

During halftime, Peyton decided to power through a chicken breast, not realizing that the cameras were not just still on him but they were recording. Hence, we were treated to this.

“Showing halftime highlights?” asks Peyton? “Is anything off-limits? What’s the HIPAA of TV?”

“You had a knife and fork,” says Eli. “Are you breathing?”

Fair question.

Ask a Question, Get an Answer

Right before a critical 3rd & 4 play for the New York Giants, Michael Strahan wonders aloud, “why when it’s like 3rd & 4, they throw a three-yard pass?” Fair question. Peyton presumes that the coach is thinking it’s two-down territory. Still, that doesn’t explain what the Giants actually did, which was complete an inconsequential one-yard pass play.

To say that Michael was perturbed by the decision, despite basically predicting it, would be an understatement.

Josh Allen Is the Most Beloved Quarterback in Peyton Manning’s Household

The problem with being one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time is that, if you have kids, you’re always going to be a boring-old dad first and foremost. Perhaps that’s part of the reason why the No. 1 quarterback in the Manning household, Arch Manning aside, is Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

Tom Brady Sacked Metaphorically

Tom Brady had some choice words for defensive players on last week’s ManningCast, referring to them as “dogs chasing cars.” Michael Strahan’s response, while watching footage of Giants defensive players tackling Brady in the Super Bowl, “that was what you call a defensive end chasing a ring.”

Archie Manning Has Gone to Stud

Jon Stewart asked a question a lot of people have been wondering. How do you make more Mannings? Between Archie, Peyton, Eli, and Arch, they’re clearly genetically made to play quarterback. So why not just flood the market with Mannings for everyone to enjoy?

The main culprit, according to Peyton, is capitalism.

“Can’t you guys make another Manning,” asks Stewart. “How hard is it to make another Manning? You’ve got this bayou quarterback breeding program down there. You just keep making more Mannings. Make a couple for us.”

“My dad’s stud fee has really gone up in the past 20 years,” clarifies Peyton.

And with that bon mot, we bid ManningCast farewell for a bit. The MegaCast will not return for Week 9 but is expected to be back soon on ESPN2.

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