Lee Corso on GameDay

As ESPN’s ‘College GameDay’ opened from the University of Utah on Saturday morning, viewers would have picked up on one noticeable absence. Lee Corso didn’t join Rece Davis, Desmond Howard, Kirk Herbstreit, and Pat McAfee this week for the show’s episode emanating from Utah for the Utes’ matchup with the Oregon Ducks. The Top 15 matchup has top billing this weekend as the Pac-12 season continues. But Corso wasn’t around, which may have alarmed fans at home. Davis, though, assured viewers that everything was okay.

Davis informed ‘GameDay‘ viewers on Saturday morning that Corso had to tend to a family matter, causing the beloved ESPN personality to miss this week’s show.

“Lee Corso, not with us this week. I want to reassure you his health is good. Lee feels fine. He just had a family matter that required his attention. And we know he’s locked in on the show because he already stole my preferred Superdog,” Davis said.

As Corso has aged, his status has remained revered. But viewers have expressed concern in the past over him. He is obviously not the same exuberant man that he used to be when the show was at its peak. Corso remains incredibly respected, though. and the fact that they addressed this speaks to how important and beloved he is.

It sounds like at least this absence will be temporary. We hope everything on Corso’s end is okay, and it seems like we’ll see him next week on ‘College GameDay’ wherever the show emanates from.

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