Before broadcasting Wednesday's Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt game, Kyle Peterson didn't know avocado trees were a thing. That changed. Photo Credit: SEC Network Photo Credit: SEC Network

Sometimes watching a baseball game is more about what happens on the diamond. It can also be a learning experience. That’s precisely what it was for Kyle Peterson of the SEC Network and ESPN on Wednesday.

Rivals Vanderbilt and Tennessee played on Wednesday in the second round of the SEC Tournament. It wasn’t much of a game, with the Commodores routing the Volunteers 13-4. But what the game lacked in drama it made up for in entertainment and educational value.

In the fourth inning, Tom Hart asked Peterson, his broadcast partner, a question.

“You ever seen an avocado tree,” Hart asked. Peterson quickly answered that he hadn’t. Peterson quickly went a little deeper.

“Can I be, like, brutally honest with you? I didn’t know avocados grew on trees until right there,” he said.

“What would your guess be?” Hart asked.

“Like a bush or something,” replied Peterson. “A shrub. An avocado shrub.”

“Hey, you want to plant those avocado vines?” a laughing Hart said.

After further research, Peterson confirmed not only that avocados do grow on trees but that said trees can be ordered on Amazon Prime.

“We should have an avocado tree in the booth,” Hart said.

For Peterson, it was a happy realization.

“Learnt something today and I get a new tree out of it. Both positives,” he commented on X, formerly Twitter.

Knowledge is power.

[Kyle Peterson on Twitter/X, Photo Credit: SEC Network]

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