Kirk Herbstreit ahead of a Sept. 1 NCAA game.

It’s just the first week of the college football season and it seems like everyone is still working out the kinks a little bit – even seasoned veterans like ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit.

During Saturday morning’s broadcast of ESPN’s College GameDay pregame show live from Columbus, Ohio ahead of Saturday night’s game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, the Herbstreit and the rest of the crew was doing a segment where a large screen chose a random college football quarterback.

The screen cycled through several quarterbacks before ultimately stopping at Illinois Fighting Illini quarterback Tommy DeVito, who transferred from Syracuse this offseason and was just named the team’s starter.

After seeing the screen, Hebstreit had an incredibly blunt and hilarious reaction, saying “oh s***,” without thinking about his words.

Herbstreit immediately realized his mistake, but the damage was already done. All he could hope was that nobody else heard the word or noticed it – but the rest of the GameDay crew sure did, and they weren’t just going to let it slide.

Naturally, when Rece Davis, Desmond Howard, and David Pollack realized their GameDay partner’s slip, they thought it was hilarious and laughed hysterically.

It looks like everyone’s a little rusty to begin the season.