ESPN is in Lexington this weekend for College GameDay and they are there for a huge game.  A top five matchup in the SEC pits No. 1 Tennessee and No. 5 Kentucky and everyone in Lexington is psyched. During College GameDay’s State Farm Halfcourt Shot, a Kentucky fan drained a halfcourt shot for $19k.

And when you win $19k on live national TV, you’re going to celebrate hard. And when you celebrate hard, expletives might fly. And ESPN immediately regretted mic’ing the guy up.

I’m not sure what ESPN was expecting to hear but if you mic up someone and they drain an halfcourt shot for a lot of money, you’re probably going to hear some sort of profanity. Most times when people curse on live TV, one of the announcers apologized to viewers but it’s done with all the sincerity of a five-year old being ordered by their parents to apologize.

Let’s face it, people curse. And when it comes to live TV, and if you have microphones down on the court or field of play or you have a microphone on a fan, or near players when they celebrate a championship, chances are it will pick up the occasional four-letter word. For this Kentucky fan, he hit the shot, he just celebrated like many people would do.

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