Ken Jeong, the comedic actor best known for his roles in The Hangover films, Community, and as a panelist on The Masked Singer, was this week’s guest picker on ESPN’s College GameDay. Ken joined Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso, Demond Howard, and Rece Davis from East Lansing, adding some much-needed energy and laughs to the proceedings.

Specifically, Jeong found the perfect loophole for if you ever wondered how to say something like “You complete me, ho” on ESPN without getting censored. And he put it to good use while making his selection for the UCLA-Utah game.

“I’m going UCLA because my wife went to UCLA medical school. Shoutout, Tran. You complete me, Ho! That’s her last name. Relax, ESPN. How dare you.”

It’s pretty perfect on all ends, from Jeong’s comic timing, the way he immediately rolls into the explanation of why it’s okay to say that, the fact that he’s sitting next to incredibly confused Lee Corso, and knowing that everyone on the set has a brief moment of panic before being unable to control their laughter.

Naturally, everyone on social media loved it.

We’re not sure if that is enough to make sure Jeong definitely returns as a guest picker or never ever returns as a guest picker. Depends on which ESPN executives saw this, we suppose.


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