Katie Nolan

On Wednesday, Katie Nolan announced that her time at ESPN had come to an end. She originally joined the company back in 2017.

The most recent episode of her podcast, Sports?, was posted on Friday. Nolan also appeared on Highly Questionable’s finale on September 10th.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise after Always Late, Nolan’s late night show, was cancelled last year during the early days of the pandemic. Last year, Nolan also revealed she had signed a new contract with ESPN just before Ashley Braband, her former podcast cohost and producer, was caught up in ESPN’s November layoffs.

So, what’s next for Nolan? Her follow-up tweets seem to indicate she’ll be continuing on in the podcast game (because, as we all know, everyone has a podcast) at some outlet. The Ringer and Meadowlark both seem like fits on paper, but we still seem to be pretty far away from Nolan making a decision about her next steps.

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