Katie George Credit: ESPN | Katie George (above) orchestrates on-air jersey swap with the Grizzlies’ Frankie Ferrari (above, right) and Richard Jefferson (unpictured)

ESPN sideline reporter Katie George orchestrated an on-air jersey swap between NBA analyst Richard Jefferson and Summer League sensation Frankie Ferrari.

Ferrari, who joined the Memphis Grizzlies Summer League squad, is a 27-year-old from Burlingame, California. Ferrari formerly attended the University of San Francisco, where he played with the Dons, before going and playing in Europe.

He stood out in the Grizz’s 100-69 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday. Ferrari stood out so much that Jefferson praised him on the broadcast more than once. Then, George set up a meeting between the two and arranged a jersey swap.

“Do you know who Richard Jefferson is?” George asked Ferrari. She told him that Jefferson “absolutely fanned out” over him and talked about him throughout the first quarter. George explained that the former NBA champion “doesn’t have a lot of jerseys” but “would want a Ferrari jersey.” She asked him to “please swap” with Jefferson, and Ferrari hilariously requested his polo shirt.

Jefferson was happy to agree and swapped his polo shirt for Ferrari’s jersey. The hooper joked he “looked more like a broadcaster anyways.” Someone also could be heard joking that Ferrari’s “stache” was amazing.

This made for a hilarious on-air moment that was engineered by George. Kudos to her and Jefferson for making a funny moment out of NBA Summer League action.


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