Joe Fortenbaugh

When you’re doing live broadcasts, sometimes you have to deal with the unexpected. And that was certainly the case for ESPN radio host Joe Fortenbaugh during his interview with Max Kellerman on Friday Night.

Unfortunately for Fortenbaugh, right before the start of his television interview, the lights went out on him. As a result, the two had to do the entire segment with Kellerman in the dark, with viewers unable to see his face.

“Look at this, as soon as I bring up the Giants, the lights go out,” Kellerman joked.

“This is foreshadowing,” Fortenbaugh replied.

Obviously, it was far from ideal circumstances, but they presumably decided that the show must go on, with Kellerman telling Fortenbaugh “Do it in the dark, Joe.”

The two made light of the awkward situation, trading a few jokes before getting into the actual analysis.

“I didn’t want to come on air and actually show my face,” Fortenbaugh joked.

“Witness protection,” Kellerman replied.

“You know how they do it in the murder mysteries?” Fortenbaugh joked. “You gotta do the voice thing to be blanked out.”

Fortenbaugh did indeed do it in the dark, conducting the entire interview with Kellerman with the lights out and viewers unable to see his face.

You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.