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Joe Buck has long had a love-hate relationship with his audiences at Fox and ESPN, but on Tuesday he took them straight on in a long chain of posts on X (formerly Twitter). The voice of Monday Night Football discussed the cold, his pay, and nepotism throughout the evening.

“Reality does bite. Taken to task by meteorologist Kevin because 40s and windy … makes me feel cold,” Buck posted in response to a Buffalo meteorologist taking him to task for referring to the weather as “cold” on MNF.

“I beg your forgiveness.”

After another tweeter called out Buck for making so much money and still getting details wrong, Buck decided to cheer him on.

As usual, once fans noticed Buck was posting, they turned it into an AMA.

After a follower asked Buck how to make it in broadcasting, he beat everyone to the punch with a joke about his father’s success.

Buck even revealed he is working on a scripted show for Fox based on his Daddy Issues podcast.

He also revealed he roots for a good, close game over a blowout.

Because it’s 2023, Buck also chimed in on the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce relationship.

Buck is headed to Kansas City next week for MNF and said “we will do the game” despite knowing both Swift and Kelce personally.

Last but not least, Buck gave an unexpected answer to who the most underrated player in the NFL is.

Buck chose the heavily criticized Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff.

Maybe next time local meteorologists will think better of going at Buck.

Or maybe the broadcasting legend’s mentions are just going to be swarmed for a while.

[Joe Buck on X]

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