Joe Buck on NFL Live

Joe Buck doesn’t care what you think about him.

Sure, he’s faced much criticism over the years from fans who think he hates your favorite team — let us remind you that he does not. But he’s also been the face and the soundtrack of some of the most memorable primetime games between his time at Fox and ESPN.

Foul Territory’s A.J. Pierzynski said that Buck is the person he received the most questions about when people ask about someone he’s work with. The MLB on Fox analyst also had a hard time accepting the idea that Buck isn’t universally beloved, as people will often badmouth Buck and his announcing style to him personally.

Pierzynski just doesn’t get it. But Buck, who’s experienced some of the hate and backlash firsthand, understands why some fans aren’t too fond of him as a broadcaster.

“I do because, for 24 World Series, I told at least half the audience that their team just lost,” Buck explained. “And I was screaming and yelling while I did it. Or they think I got my job because of my dad. Guess what? They’re right, I did. I just took advantage of it and I’ve been doing network TV for 30 years. And I think there’s a little bit of jealousy in there, but other than that, I really don’t give a s**t.

“I mean, they don’t know me. I think I need to worry more about the people that do — like you, like people I work with, like people that I respect. And if fans like me, great. If they don’t, that’s fine too. I think I’m old enough now, at 55, to know that you’re not gonna please everybody. And if you try to please everybody, you’re gonna fail. And most likely you’re going to be pretty boring — never having an opinion, never getting excited for a big moment in a game. That’s just is that’s the job, and if you can’t handle it…then you’re not going to cash the check that gives my family a great lifestyle.

“It’s part of the game, and to be the only guy — except for Joe Davis the last two years — to do World Series in the social media age, you’re gonna get a lot of s**t. That’s just the way it goes.”

That mentality explains why Buck has been one of the most successful play-by-play voices in the business for over thirty years and going.

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