JJ Redick on First Take JJ Redick on First Take in May 2022.

JJ Redick’s appearance on First Take provided this morning’s viral sports media video.

During the course of a discussion on Draymond Green, Redick took exception to regular co-host Chris “Mad Dog” Russo’s admonishment of Green by pointing out Russo was falling into the “shut up and dribble” camp.

The whole exchange here is truly great, featuring Redick accurately pointing out that the market has in fact dictated that plenty of people do care what Draymond Green has to say, as evidenced by a successful podcast and a deal with Turner for studio appearances despite still being an active player.

Where Redick really shines here, though, is the end, as he just completely shuts down a long Russo rant about how the oldest generation of fans wouldn’t like it. Bonus points to Stephen A. and Molly Qerim for sitting back and letting Redick have him, too.

Most of the time, these morning sports debate shows are pablum at best, actively harmful at worst. Redick, though, offered an excellent potential justification for their ongoing proliferation: the chance to see guests stop by and destroy the main hosts.

If First Take featured more people dropping by to point out with palpable frustration how problematic and vacuous a lot of the arguments can be on a daily basis, that would truly be a show worth watching.

You know, actual debate, instead of empty theater designed to soullessly manufacture conflict and outrage from one camp or another for the sake of the all-powerful “engagement” metric.

Anyway, First Take is back tomorrow, probably without an ex-athlete accusing one of the regular hosts of parroting racist arguments, which will be a shame.

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