JJ Redick Credit: Point Forward Podcast

Nearly two years ago, JJ Redick made headlines on First Take when he accused Chris “Mad Dog” Russo of parroting conservative talking points against Black NBA athletes as the two debated Draymond Green, stoking tensions during the NBA postseason.

Russo criticized Green for making himself the center of attention during the Warriors’ eventual run to a championship, which Redick and many others interpreted as a gesture toward Laura Ingraham’s infamous “shut up and dribble” tirade on Fox News.

Asked about the moment on the Point Forward podcast this week, Redick doubled down on his position.

“I’ve almost always been aware of how people talk about athletes, specifically Black athletes,” Redick said. “It’s always bothered me. So, what happened on First Take was not unique. It just happened to be on live television. I’ve had that conversation with people.”

Redick added that he did not go into the segment intending to go after Russo; he responded to Russo’s argument as it unfolded in real time.

“Everything that has ever went viral on First Take involving me has been my response to something,” Redick explained. “And it’s almost every time been my response to something that wasn’t planned.”

Beyond that specific moment, Redick described his hyper-competitive mentality on the show.

“I’m a sick f***, I’m competitive,” he said. “I go in there with a combative mindset every time. And Stephen A. (Smith) and Molly (Qerim) know this. Mad Dog knows this.”

Redick recently joined First Take for the first time this NBA season and is sure to deliver more viral moments before long. He is fiercely loyal to his NBA brothers and approaches the show wanting to dominate.

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