Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Jimmy Butler broke Sports Twitter on Wednesday afternoon when Adrian Wojnarowski dropped a different kind of #WojBomb.

It felt like the perfect culmination of everything that has been happening between Butler and the Timberwolves. Their disgruntled star demanded a trade a few weeks back and almost got his wish over the weekend. The proposed trade that would have sent Butler to the Miami Heat fell apart, surely leaving him feeling even more frustrated as he tries to force his way out of town. That he would then go on a tirade and take over a practice in such a brash, outspoken way felt like the kind of real-life soap opera storytelling that only the NBA seems capable of providing.

However, by the time Butler sat down with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols an hour later, everyone started to raise their eyebrows just a little bit. Nichols just so happened to be in Minnesota on the same day Butler went ham on his teammates in the midst of an ongoing kerfuffle with management? That seemed…fortuitous.

You didn’t have to be Alex Jones to connect the dots from how Butler goes from calling out his bosses and taking over team practice to sitting down with an ESPN host soonafter. It also left you with a pretty decent idea as to who Woj’s sources were on the breaking news.



Sure enough, Nichols came out and said what the deal was in order to undercut any thoughts of underhanded behavior.

And so, in a way, it’s refreshing to just see how the sausage was made on this one. As noted in a tweet above, this truly was pro wrestling storytelling with Butler as the Stone Cold Steve Austin to the Timberwolves’ Vince McMahon. Whatever plans the Wolves had for today were completely derailed when Butler showed up, grabbed the bench players, dominated Minny’s other stars, and basically told everyone what they now knew…that he was not only the best player in the gym but also their only chance to succeed this season.

According to Butler, the entire incident didn’t really accomplish much with his bosses (“It’s not fixed…It could be. Do I think so? No.”) but then again maybe that wasn’t the point. Everyone is talking about Jimmy Butler right now. He’s trending on Twitter. He picked a fight with a group of people no one will root for, a bunch of executives. He made sure he could be in front of a camera to explain everything shortly after it happened. And those who know the whole thing was a “work” are a small minority of the overall audience. Everyone else is just a “mark” who bought the story he sold.

Mission accomplished, whether you think it was shady or not.


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