Earlier this week, Reggie Miller and Mark Jackson went back and forth about a TNT vs ESPN basketball game, even getting Kevin Harlan, Mike Breen, and the Van Gundy brothers involved. Cancel it. It’s too dangerous.

Before the TNT vs ESPN chatter, Alan Hahn and Bart Scott issued a challenge to ESPN Radio, claiming they can beat every show on the network in a 2-on-2 basketball game. The challenge caught the attention of ESPN Radio’s morning show hosted by Jay Williams, Keyshawn Johnson, and Max Kellerman.

Williams was the second overall pick out of Duke in the 2002 NBA Draft. Bart Scott’s basketball credentials are incomplete and Alan Hahn, to his credit, played Division II basketball for LIU Post, which has since merged with LIU Brooklyn. DII basketball at LIU Post doesn’t quite compete with Duke or the Chicago Bulls, both of which are on Williams’ resume. Nonetheless, a Hahn-Scott vs Williams-Johnson matchup is scheduled for June 1.

Williams and Johnson took to the court for a practice session in anticipation of the bout with their ESPN Radio colleagues. Johnson never played in the NBA, but as a former star NFL wide receiver, you would expect him to have enough athleticism to at least stay on his feet while practicing with Williams. You would be wrong.

Williams crossed Johnson up so bad the three-time Pro Bowler dropped like a fawn learning to walk before he reeled on the court in pain and embarrassment. Does Bart Scott want some of that? And if the ESPN vs TNT clash ever comes to fruition, how’s Jeff Van Gundy going to look like sharing a court with Reggie Miller?

I thought I wanted these media athletic bouts, but after seeing Keyshawn Johnson roll around on the floor after getting crossed up by Jay Williams, maybe we should just leave competitive basketball to the pros.

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