Jason Kelce talks Dallas Cowboys on the New Heights podcast. Screengrab: ‘New Heights’ podcast

Jason Kelce doesn’t like the Dallas Cowboys one bit.

Not exactly a surprising sentiment coming from a Philadelphia Eagles-lifer, but now that he’s on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, he will cast some of his hatred aside for a few hours. It won’t be until Week 11 that Dallas will be on MNF, so Kelce will already have 10 weeks of on-air TV time under his belt. But he’ll return to Jerry World for a battle of Texas matchup between the Cowboys and Houston Texans on Monday, Nov. 11.

That led to Travis Kelce asking his older brother if he could be unbiased against the Cowboys on the most recent episode of their New Heights podcast.

“Oh, I have no bias,” Jason explained. “I just don’t like them. But I’m gonna give them their props. There’s a rivalry, but the reality is, even though I hate the Cowboys’ fanbase…I was at a charity golf outing, and there was a kid, and he was like, ‘Hey, I’m a Cowboys fan.’ I was like, ‘Oh, are you from Dallas?’ And he said, ‘No, I’m from Philadelphia.’ Are you a Lakers and a Yankees fan, too? Like, what are we doing? We’re just picking whatever team we want; that’s where we’re at?

“Listen, I can set aside my differences as a player and the competition…”

That’s when Travis interrupted Jason to remind him of his Pittsburgh Steelers fandom despite being raised in Cleveland.

“I had to; we didn’t have a team,” he explained. “We lost our team. The next closest team was the Pittsburgh Steelers, geographically, and I loved Jerome Bettis. I couldn’t keep being a Browns fan when they went to be the Ravens. There wasn’t a team to root for, Travis… the moment the Browns came back, I got a Tim Couch jersey, and I was rocking Tim Couch. I still loved Jerome Bettis, but I was no longer a Steelers fan once the Browns came back.”

Week 11 will be interesting to see how Jason balances his professional objectivity with his well-documented Eagles loyalty. It doesn’t sound like he’ll have a problem casting aside any biases, which he claims not to have despite hating the Cowboys and their fans. However, it’ll still be notable to see how he conducts himself compared to Week 2 when Philly is on primetime MNF.

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