Stephen A. Smith and Jalen Rose in 2018

After lashing out at media members for trolling the Dallas Cowboys, Jalen Rose claims he was referring to Skip Bayless, not Stephen A. Smith, which makes no sense.

Smith brands himself as the foremost hater of the Dallas Cowboys and their fanbase in all of sports media. So when Rose went on a Twitter rant blasting media personalities for trolling the Cowboys, it was only natural to assume he was chiding his ESPN colleague.

“So glad I didn’t make a career of content pretending to fake troll the Cowboys,” Rose tweeted Monday night. “Praying on the audience being dumb/lazy and low hanging fruit.”

Rose’s tweet came after Smith spent the day on ESPN taunting the Cowboys and their fans for losing a playoff game to the San Francisco 49ers. During Monday’s episode of First Take, Smith basked in the sadness of Jerry Jones, rubbed the loss in Michael Irvin’s face, and arrived to the studio wearing a giant cowboy hat and drank from a mug that read “Cowboys fan tears.” Even First Take host Molly Qerim asked fans to “pray for me” as she awaited Smith’s over-the-top theatrics on the show.

In the aftermath of Rose’s tweet, social media was nearly unanimous in assuming he was referring to his ESPN colleague and NBA Countdown co-host. But 24 hours later, Rose attempted to claim his gripe was with Skip Bayless, not Smith.

“He is my brother and this is not accurate. If anything it was for Mr 1.4ppg playing JV as a junior,” Rose tweeted, referencing the time he mocked Skip’s high school basketball career on TV.

The problem with this claim, however, is that Smith trolls the Dallas Cowboys, Skip doesn’t. Bayless has certainly boosted his TV career by trolling sports fans, just not when it comes to the Cowboys. In fact, while Smith is a performer who relished the opportunity to fake troll Cowboy fans, Bayless is a performer who brands himself as their No. 1 fan.

Maybe Rose isn’t aware of Skip’s fandom. But blasting media personalities for trolling the Cowboys while Stephen A. Smith was trolling the Cowboys and then asking us to believe that he wasn’t shading Smith is a tough ask.

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