Chris Webber has taken quite the emotional roller coaster ride during the past few days.

Late last week, the former NBA star and TNT agreed to part ways, a development that had been rumored for months. And on Sunday, Webber was announced as part of the 2021 Basketball Hall of Fame class, joining a group of inductees that includes Paul Pierce, Ben Wallace, Chris Bosh, and Villanova coach Jay Wright.

Webber appeared on ESPN’s NBA Countdown after the announcement was made, which meant that he would encounter childhood friend and former college teammate Jalen Rose. The two have feuded publicly for years going back to their time at the University of Michigan.

But the former Fab Fivers may be taking steps toward reconciliation, both expressing their appreciation and love for one another. ESPN posted the video online for viewers to see.

“I love you, my brother,” said Rose. “Congratulations, Mayce Edward Christopher Webber III. You’re in the Hall of Fame, bro! You made it to the Hall of Fame. We played on the Super Friends together. Shout to Curtis Herman, we were 13 years old. Well deserved. Congratulations.”

“Jalen Anthony Rose — it’s crazy, man,” Webber responded. “Thank God for your beautiful, wonderful mother because you know what she did for me.”

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It’s possible that Rose and Webber were smiling and loving for the camera. Addressing old issues in a special moment for Webber would have been entirely inappropriate, of course.

Rose revealed in his book Give the People What They Want that he told Webber to stay away from booster Ed Martin, a relationship that resulted in scandal from the Michigan men’s basketball program, wins during the 1992-93 season being vacated, and Final Four banners being taken down from Crisler Arena.

The two also sniped at each other in the press over Webber’s refusal to participate in ESPN’s “Fab Five” 30 For 30 documentary, though participated in a reunion of that team when Michigan played for the national championship in 2013.

But it’s not difficult to believe that both were caught up in the moment, reminiscing about how far they’ve come together from their days playing together as teenagers in Detroit. They changed the college basketball landscape as freshmen before having successful NBA careers. And the two star players have since established themselves in broadcasting.

At the very least, Rose and Webber shared a touching moment on screen and in front of a national TV audience. Whether it leads to more is something that they may keep between themselves, though many Michigan fans yearn to see a public reunion and the school once again embracing a special era.

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