In the 90s, the team of Bob Ley, Robin Roberts, and Charley Steiner was the team for the 6 o’clock SportsCenter. Just like the 11 o’clock duo of Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann, the 6 o’clock SportsCenter was appointment viewing for sports fans.

For Bob Ley’s retirement, his former SportsCenter partner and current Good Morning America host Robin Roberts brought Ley on to honor him for his 40 years of ESPN service and his retirement. And then in a surprise, Charley Steiner emerged during Ley’s interview to complete the trio and have a reunion.

If you’re aware of Ley’s ESPN history and the history of ESPN in general, some of what is talked about is familiar but they Also discuss things like watching Jeopardy! during commercial breaks while they were doing SportsCenter. I don’t think it’s much of a surprise given he’s shown to be very smart but Ley is apparently very good at Jeopardy!

Steiner came on as the three discussed working together, seemingly not skipping a beat since the last time they worked together. It seems like Bob Ley is enjoying retirement and spending it with some dear friends.


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