John Calipari Holly Rowe Credit: ESPN

ESPN reporter Holly Rowe held a very awkward and somewhat uncomfortable interview with John Calipari on Saturday.

The Kentucky coach and reporter chatted during the Wildcats’ game with the Tennessee Volunteers. Rowe asked Calipari what he said during a timeout he took earlier in the game. Then, for some reason, Coach Cal put his hands on Rowe’s shoulders and interrupted her question.

Video provided by user @Return_Of_RB showed the very awkward encounter between the reporter and the coach.

So, that was odd. Usually, the interview subject probably shouldn’t put his hands on the reporter. Whether in a light manner or not, one can argue about the professionalism aspect here. As many proceeded to do on Twitter after the odd showing occurred.

“Keep your hands off Holly!” tweeted Mike Vernon.

WCJB anchor Jake Rongholt tweeted, “Professionalism from one of the best. As for another…don’t touch the reporter.”

Veteran college hoops writer Russell Steinberg of Boardroom tweeted, “What the hell was John Calipari doing right there? A. Please don’t touch Holly Rowe B. Let her ask a question.”

Further scorn and displays of awkwardness continued on Twitter all afternoon after the interview. Whether it was in a light manner or not, Calipari came under fire for the overt use of his hands on Rowe on Saturday afternoon. Now the question will be if and when he responds.


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