Longtime ESPN sideline reporter Holly Rowe released a video on Twitter today, prefacing it as being “Tough news to share.”

That news: she has tested positive for COVID-19, and will subsequently have to miss covering Monday’s college football title game.

“I have some tough news to share. I was so excited after 25 years working college football for ABC and ESPN, I have been working really long and really hard, finally got called up to the A-team, was going to have the opportunity to work with Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit, and Maria Taylor on the national championship game. But I have tested positive for COVID, and I’m definitely experiencing some symptoms, not feeling great. So I will not be able to be on that national championship game. I’m so sad, I’ve literally been building towards this moment my whole life so I’m really sad.

But Rebecca Lobo gave me great advice, she said ‘Perspective. It’s just a football game.’ I’m doing well, recovering at home, obviously super sad, but there will be other games. I’ll be cheering on the Buckeyes and the Crimson Tide from my couch. I’ll try to tweet out all my good story ideas I’ve been working on. Love you guys, please say a little prayer for me, this is definitely not easy. I’m praying for everyone going through this, this is an ugly, ugly virus and I just hope we can get through it.”

Rowe mentions she does have symptoms, and we certainly wish her all the best on her recovery. She’s certainly earned the chance at a stage like this one, and hopefully Rowe gets that chance again in the near future.

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