Herman Edwards blasts the Dallas Cowboys on This Just In

ESPN’s Herman Edwards has Dak Prescott’s back after the Dallas Cowboys were quick to throw their quarterback under the bus.

Shortly after Dallas dropped their divisional round playoff game to the San Francisco 49ers Sunday night, the Cowboys official Twitter account posted a tweet that essentially blamed Prescott for the loss.

“Dak Prescott gave away the ball twice in the narrow loss to the 49ers, in a matchup the Cowboys had a chance to win if they didn’t again generate self-inflicted wounds,” the tweet read.

Monday afternoon on ESPN, former NFL and college football coach Herman Edwards attempted to temper his emotions as he angrily ripped the Cowboys for blaming the loss on Prescott.

“What I want to say, I can’t say on-air cause I’m a good Catholic man and I won’t go there with it. But I will say this, that’s unfortunate, it really is,” Edwards ranted on Max Kellerman’s This Just In. “You’re entitled to your opinion, but this thing is called team. And when you pick out a certain individual, to say you want to lay the blame on him personally, to me, I don’t believe in that, that’s not how I’m built”

There has to be a more damning adjective than “unfortunate,” even for good Catholic men to use, nonetheless, the former NFL head coach was able to make his impassioned point with piety.

“This is a little bit of the Dallas Cowboys problem,” Edwards continued. “It’s always someone else’s fault. Let me place the blame on one person, cause it’s not about us as a football team.”

The surprising Cowboys’ tweet linked to an article of Prescott taking responsibility for the loss, which he probably deserves considering he threw two interceptions and led the offense to just 12 points while averaging an abysmal 5.6 yards per pass attempt. But while Prescott can make that point, and fans can make that point, the Cowboys can’t. A team openly trashing their own star quarterback is a brutal optic and a great way to foster a divide with players, even if the slight came from an unnamed person running the Cowboys Twitter account.


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