Herm Edwards’ days at ESPN appear to be numbered. Incredibly, the former NFL head coach hasn’t coached this decade (last patrolling the sidelines for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2009), yet the Arizona State Sun Devils look all set to make them their next head coach.

As far as current ESPN analysts becoming Power Five head coaches go, Edwards had to have been way, way, way down the list, right? He’s certainly never had the rumors attached to him that Jon Gruden has over the years. He’s probably somewhere between Randy Moss and Barry Melrose.

Maybe Herm is getting ready to leave ESPN with a bang, or he’s hyping himself up to return to coaching by going back to the well that made him a viral sensation in the first place. Hello! You play to win the game!

Here’s Herm channeling his most famous coaching moment while talking about the Giants benching Eli Manning.

Here’s the original cilp that inspired it all, which believe it or not, happened all the way back in 2002! Some of the kids Edwards will be recruiting at Arizona State may not have even been born yet!

It is amazing that many of the student-athletes Edwards will be coaching and recruiting at Arizona State will have little to no memory of him as an NFL head coach. Instead, they’ll know him as the hyper guy from ESPN. Can Edwards really make a successful return to coaching after almost ten years out of the profession, and making the transition to college no less? It may go up in flames, but at least it’ll be entertaining to watch whatever happens.

H/T For the Win