Herman Edwards rants about the Cowboys on First Take

It’s barely been three months since Herm Edwards rejoined ESPN, and he’s already sick of their love affair with the Dallas Cowboys.

Tuesday morning, Edwards was on First Take, and in their closing segment, they listed their early NFL power rankings for the 2023 season. Edwards seemed confused as to why they weren’t only discussing the top-five NFL teams on the power rankings list, until he saw the Dallas Cowboys sitting there at six.

“We went all the way from one, not to five, but to six. Why?” Edwards asked. “Cause there’s the Cowboys. We just have to talk about the Cowboys! They couldn’t make the top-five, but they got to six! And now we’re gonna talk about the top six teams. Are you kidding me?! Really? It’s always about the Cowboys! We have to talk about these guys all the time!”

Like the Los Angeles Lakers, ESPN seeks to get the Cowboys on their rundown for Get Up and First Take every chance they can. And just two days removed from Super Bowl LVII featuring the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, ESPN is already finding ways to reintroduce the Cowboys to its audience.

Edwards seemed skeptical about the Cowboys being as high on the list as they were, sounding like a bit of a conspiracy theorist.

“Why we have the Cowboys even in the conversation at six, why didn’t we just go seven? Talk about the Chargers too? We had to stop at six, we had to talk about the Cowboys!” he ranted. “We got the Cowboys, we gotta talk about the Cowboys! I’m tired of the Cowboys!”

But there is no conspiracy. Mina Kimes even attempted to temper Edwards’ disdain by joking about the quota First Take has to talk about the Cowboys. ESPN loves talking about the Cowboys to a point where it becomes nauseating to watch, but apparently there remains an appetite for America’s Team because no matter how exhausted the topic may be, they still keep talking about the Cowboys. The question is whether Edwards will keep talking about the Cowboys after railing against ESPN’s programming decision.

“Stop it!” Edwards yelled. “I’m done!”

Preach, Herm. Preach.


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