Last week, ESPN radio host Mike Golic, Jr. debuted a new 5-hour Energy ad campaign and presumably downed a few bottles in support of the partnership. What did he do with all that newfound energy and pep? Turn himself into an NFL insider, apparently.

Golic dropped his version of a Woj Bomb on Sunday (Goj Bomb?), breaking the news that the Minnesota Vikings and safety Harrison Smith had agreed to a four-year, $64 million contract extension that would make the 32-year-old the second-highest paid safety in the NFL.

This wasn’t just Golic overhearing something in the hallway and scrambling to his Twitter account. No, Golic brought the contract details, too.

Golic Jr., who was co-hosting ESPN Radio program Chiney and Golic Jr. but will soon share a program with Chris Canty, has been with ESPN since 2015. And while Golic has made numerous appearances across all the ESPN platforms over the years, including coverage of the Super Bowl, NFL Draft, and college football, he hasn’t had a reputation for breaking news. And he certainly hasn’t been competing for breaking news moments with the likes of Adrian Wojnarowski and Adam Schefter. That is, until now, apparently.

Plenty of colleagues were mighty impressed with MGJ for making the sudden career shift so seamlessly.

Perhaps the highest honor of all was the sign-off by NFL Insider Schefter himself.

Can we expect to see more Goj Bombs in the future? The Notre Dame connection between Smith and Golic might have helped, but perhaps this is just the foot in the Insider door. Between this and all those energy shots, the future is full of exciting unknowns for Mike.

[Mike Golic, Jr]

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