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The sports world cheered news Wednesday morning that former USC star Reggie Bush would have his 2005 Heisman Trophy reinstated, and nothing drove that point home more than the reaction ESPN’s Get Up cast gave the news.

ESPN’s Pete Thamel broke the story just after 9 a.m. ET, and minutes later Get Up host Mike Greenberg interrupted a segment on the NFL Draft to read the report.

When he finished, everyone clapped, and Ryan Clark stood and applauded.

“About damn time,” he said.

“I agree, applause all around,” Greenberg said. “If anything else, a move I think long overdue. I can’t speak for everyone, I’m certainly not speaking on behalf of ESPN here, but I’m speaking on behalf of me and (gesturing at Clark) you’re speaking on behalf of you.”

“Absolutely,” Clark said. “Reggie Bush is one of the greatest football players to ever grace a college football field… He captivated an entire nation, and nothing that happened to Reggie Bush’s family, nothing they may think Reggie Bush was given, had to do with what that man did on the football field.

“He deserves to not only have that trophy, but deserves… to be a part of every ceremony, every single commercial. He deserves to have his name mentioned among the greats that have played our game… I am so excited for Reggie Bush.”

Bush had voluntarily forfeited his Heisman in 2010 after an NCAA investigation found Bush and his family had received improper gifts during his USC career. The NCAA also penalized USC, forced the Trojans to vacate their 2004 national championship and ordered the school to disassociate itself from Bush.

However, the college sports landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, with the advent of NIL, making some of Bush’s violations, including receiving a limousine ride to the Heisman ceremony, look trivial.

In announcing the reinstatement of Bush’s award, the Heisman Trust cited “enormous changes in the college football landscape.”

“Personally, I’m thrilled to reunite with my fellow Heisman winners and be a part of the storied legacy of the Heisman Trophy, and I’m honored to return to the Heisman family,” Bush said in a statement to ESPN. “I also look forward to working together with the Heisman Trust to advance the values and mission of the organization.”


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