Carson King's GameDay sign.

ESPN’s College GameDay has a storied history of fans flashing absurd, comical signs on air behind the studio set. This weekend in Ames, there was one standout: Carson King, whose sign read “Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished”, along with his Venmo info.

The plan worked out better than King could have hoped, and he’s going to turn that good fortune into a very large charitable donation to a very good cause. Via Aaron Calvin in The Des Moines Register:

When Altoona’s Carson King, 24, held up a sign that read “Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished” and requested funds at Saturday’s “College GameDay” stop in Ames, he was hoping he’d get a little money for beer. 

What he ended up with was about $11,000 that he’s now donating to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

King announced his charitable donation via Twitter:

King’s decision to give away the money is a very selfless one; it’s not like anyone who sent him funds expected it to go to charity. He could have just pocketed the thousands of dollars, and it’s not like he couldn’t use it, as his mom notes.

His mother, Dana Archer-King of Prairie City, knew of his plans beforehand. 

“He had told me about it last Wednesday and, probably like most moms, I just laughed and thought, ‘Great, this will be my proudest moment,'” Archer-King told the Register.

She had no idea it would actually be a very proud moment for her as a mother.

“He’s not a wealthy kid by any means,” she said. “I’m not sure how many 24-year-olds would just give that kind of money away. We’re all so in awe with what he’s doing.”

The amount grew in part by continued Venmo contributions, and also because both Busch and Venmo will be matching the donation:

Good for King, who even managed to get something positive out of a few brands. Hopefully he enjoys that Busch Light to the fullest.

[Des Moines Register; photo via Muhammad Lila on Twitter]

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