Pedro Gomez

Very sad news tonight, as ESPN announced that longtime reporter Pedro Gomez died unexpectedly.

Gomez had been with ESPN since 2003. He was 58.

From ESPN’s release:

“Pedro was far more than a media personality. He was a Dad, loving husband, loyal friend, coach and mentor,” the Gomez family said in a statement. “He was our everything and his kids’ biggest believer. He died unexpectedly at home this afternoon.”

“We are shocked and saddened to learn that our friend and colleague Pedro Gomez has passed away,” said Chairman, ESPN and Sports Content James Pitaro. “Pedro was an elite journalist at the highest level and his professional accomplishments are universally recognized. More importantly, Pedro was a kind, dear friend to us all. Our hearts are with Pedro’s family and all who love him at this extraordinarily difficult time.”

Pedro came to ESPN from the Arizona Republic where he had served as a sports columnist and national baseball writer since 1997.

Gomez was a fantastic baseball reporter, and garnered praise (and sympathy) for how closely he followed the travails of Barry Bonds throughout his various PED-related issues in the aughts, and was one of the only media members the notoriouly prickly Bonds ever seemed open to talking to. Prior to ESPN, he had a long newspaper career covering the game as well:

He was deeply connected throughout Major League baseball having served as the Oakland Athletics beat writer for the Sacramento Bee from 1995-97 and at the San Jose Mercury News from 1990-1994. In between covering the A’s, Gomez served as a national baseball writer for the Miami Herald from 1994-95. Prior to that, he wrote for the San Diego Union, and the Miami News from 1988-90 and 1985-88, respectively.

Gomez was married with children. This is just a tremendous loss. Some of his colleagues made it clear just how missed Gomez will be:

This just really, really sucks. RIP, Pedro.


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