On Monday, ESPN announced another edition of the company’s long-running 30 for 30 docuseries, fresh off the heels of last week’s The Greatest Mixtape Ever.

The next doc, premiering on June 15th at 8 PM ET on ESPN, is entitled Dream On and focuses on the 1996 US Women’s Olympic basketball team, which went undefeated en route to a gold medal. Kristen Lappas (who has served as a producer on several recent editions of 30 for 30, and directed the acclaimed short Blackfeet Boxing: Not Invisible with Tom Rinaldi) serves as the film’s director.

Here’s more from the release.

At the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, the USA women’s basketball team dominated the competition. Eight wins. Zero losses. Gold medals around their necks. They made it look easy. But that’s barely the start of the real story of the Women’s Dream Team. Because the truth about how the team came together, and what they endured on their grueling 14-month road leading up to the Olympics, is one of the most unlikely and most complicated tales told in sports history. Nothing less than the future of basketball was in their hands. If the ’96 team won and captured the hearts of fans, the NBA was prepared to launch the WNBA. If they failed, the league would scrap their plans.

“As we celebrate 50 years since Title IX was passed, there is no better time to share the journey of these hidden figures of basketball who opened the doors for future generations of athletes,” said Lappas. “The story of this incredible team – one that won over its many skeptics – transcends sports and speaks to the human condition at large. I’m certain their story will win over audiences too.”

A trailer for Dream On dropped last month.

Per notes in previous releases, the doc is a three-part, three-hour presentation, and will re-air on ABC on June 25th (part one) and 26th (parts two and three). It will be available on ESPN+ immediately after its premiere.


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