The famous Brian Windhorst 'now why is that?' meme Credit: ESPN

It’s been an interesting collection of events surrounding quarterback Aaron Rodgers. While we still don’t know where he’ll end up, it’s starting to take a toll on insiders.

Namingly ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

During Monday morning’s “Get Up,” Schefter stopped by to detail an agreement between the New York Jets and wide receiver Allen Lazard. And it managed to turn into the Brian Windhorst meme. Or at least, it was referred to.

“We’re looking for little breadcrumbs to figure out that Aaron Rodgers is going to come to New York,” Schefter said. “Well, this is a nice big breadcrumb for you right there. The fact that Allen Lazard could be headed to the New York Jets, and when Aaron Rodgers came back two years ago, one of those conditions that he laid out was that Randall Cobb go with him to Green Bay. That’s exactly after Rodgers returned a short time later, Randall Cobb followed. We mentioned all those things have to happen, the Jets are trying to get done.”

Here it comes …

“At the risk of looking like Brian Windhorst and turning into a meme, essentially there’s some things going on in New York right now that the Jets are trying to get done to make this particular trade happen,” Schefter added.

Windhorst’s meme was created when he said something similar last summer about the Utah Jazz. The ESPN basketball insider used his fingers more prominently during his “Now why is that?” rant, but you get the point. It went viral.

If this is true and part of the campaign to bring Rodgers to New York, it makes sense.

Jets owner Woody Johnson made it clear the organization is going to do whatever it takes to make him their quarterback, it was simply up to Rodgers at that point.

This is how you get what you want when you leave the team you’ve represented since you began in 2005.

We could have an answer to Rodgers’ plans as early as Wednesday when he stops by The Pat McAfee Show. That is, if he doesn’t announce his retirement instead. 

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