ESPN's Brian Windhorst does "The Electric Slide."

Friday was quite the night for technical difficulties over at ESPN’s networks. ESPN2 missed the end of the CFL game they were televising, ESPN3 missed the start of the next CFL game, and shortly thereafter, while discussing the Paul George trade, ESPNews’ SportsCenter managed to give Ramona Shelburne (who broke that story) no sound and display an incredible slide-into-and-then-out-of-frame for Brian Windhorst:

Watching Shelburne laugh about that is great, especially as it soon turned out that she had no sound. But even better was Windhorst’s subsequent joke about The Electric Slide:

“Did you like that Electric Slide I was doing there? That was pretty impressive, I thought.” Indeed, it does bear somewhat of a resemblance:

We will now credit “Electric Slide” choreographer Richard L. “Ric” Silver, so as not to wind up in court. But apparently the technical difficulties were just rampant overall in Bristol Friday:

Simpsons technical difficulties

[Matt Clapp on Clippit]

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