During Disney’s quarterly investor call on Thursday, the company announced the subscriber counts for all of its streaming services. One of those streaming services is ESPN+, which saw its subscriber count increase to 14.9 million.

Six months ago, that total was just 12.1 million. Last summer, it was 8.5 million. In a year, that an increase of more than seven million subs, or roughly 75%.

However, per Sportico’s Anthony Crupi, that 75% increase pales in comparison to Disney+ subscriptions, which more than doubled over the last year. It does seem like the spike in ESPN+ subscriptions over the last year was driven almost entirely by the bundle of ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu, because Hulu’s addition of 7.3 new subscribers (live and VOD) surpassed the 6.4 million subscribers added by ESPN+.

Last summer, the price of ESPN+ increased to $5.99 per month. Last month, another price increase was announced, taking it to $6.99 a month effective as of this Friday. The new yearly price will now be $69.99, and the bundle remains fixed at $13.99.

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