For decades, ESPN had an ad campaign that involved various mascots, athletes and ESPN personalities hanging around Bristol as if it’s no big deal. “This is SportsCenter” had some of the funniest ads out there and allowed people to show a funny side that they wouldn’t normally show. Now, ESPN has a new ad campaign and hopes to make it as strong as their predecessor.

Called “That’s Gonna be on SportsCenter,” ESPN’s new ad campaign from Droga5 is going to consist of taking game situations, both good and bad, and giving them a new twist.

“Whether it’s a memorable play or an infamous fumble, making it to highlight status on SportsCenter is a badge of honor,” said Wanda Young, SVP of Marketing and Consumer Engagement, ESPN. “That’s Gonna be on SportsCenter is an aspirational phrase uttered by athletes and fans alike, and we’re shining a light on its significance with this campaign.”

Added Norby Williamson, EVP and Executive Editor, Studio Production, “Fans have a personal connection with SportsCenter, regardless of where they engage with the show. The context and personality we provide around a highlight is a key differentiator, and this campaign illustrates the fact that it’s not truly a highlight unless it has made it on SportsCenter.”

“That’s Gonna be on SportsCenter” will have an interactive segment with GIF’s placed in the GIPHY library so fans can share SportsCenter highlights over social media.

Maybe I’m putting too much in how much I loved the “This is SportsCenter” campaign but I thought this new ad campaign was okay. It wasn’t anything spectacular but as long as they don’t overplay their ads to the point I get sick of them, that’ll put them a step above most ads on TV. This is a more modernized and more interactive campaign so for that, ESPN deserves credit. Plus, these new ads will complement “This is SportsCenter” ads so they aren’t going away either. With that kind of variety, it may work out for the best.

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