As Tony Kornheiser likes to say, “Live TV — ain’t nothing like it.”

The camera and feed don’t stop when the broadcast is live, which can often test the composure and professionalism of reporters and anchors when on the air. Nature, however, and the creatures that exist within it aren’t so impressed by live TV and are going to do what they do.

Regardless of the setting or circumstances, a reporter getting a bug stuck in his throat while trying to talk live on air would be funny. Even if we were talking about a report from a small TV station anywhere in the country. But this happened to poor Michael Eaves live on SportsCenter Wednesday night while filing a report from San Antonio before Game 2 of the Spurs’ second-round NBA Playoffs series with the Houston Rockets.

Check it out:

Eaves showed good journalistic instincts in explaining to SportsCenter anchor Lisa Kerney exactly what was happening as he was struggling to speak without coughing.

“Pardon me,” Eaves began as his discomfort became apparent on his face. “I’m literally choking on a bug, Lisa. Can you believe that? National television. I’m choking on a bug!”

“Who chokes on a bug inside?” Eaves asked, wondering how such a fate overcame him on live national television for all to see (and record for YouTube).

Never has a man felt more lonely in a crowded NBA arena, a reporter on the court with his cameraman, too far away from the sideline to get a cup of water and no one near enough to help. Yet Eaves nobly powered through his report until the urge to cough overcame him and Kerney let him off the hook.

Eaves was a good sport and joked about his on-air choke later. But this TV stuff isn’t easy, folks. The professionals make it look that way.

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