The Last Dance

With the Dennis Rodman 30 for 30 premiering tonight, it seems like a good time for ESPN to release a trailer for one of their next projects. Sure enough, that’s what they did on Tuesday with the reveal of The Last Dance, a mammoth ten-part series on Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls.

This is the second trailer for The Last Dance that ESPN has released, following one from last December. Much of the footage used in this trailer is the same as in the prior trailer, though there are some new scenes. We initially heard about ESPN’s cooperative with Netflix on this series way back in May of 2018, though outside of that trailer that was released nine months ago, we haven’t heard much about the series since.

We didn’t get many other clues about the series from this trailer aside from one at the end that you may have missed: the ABC logo next to the ESPN logo. Given ESPN’s NBA rights, and the presence of the NBA Finals on ABC, it would make sense for ESPN to premiere the series on ABC around the Finals, much like they did in June of 2016 with the OJ Simpson Made in America series.

The liberal use of archival footage (shot during that season 22 years ago, and presumably not widely released) mixed with present-day interviews should make this an entertaining watch. Here’s hoping the ambitious project delivers.

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