Get Up

ESPN’s new morning show, Get Up, is less than two weeks away, and on Tuesday the network offered a glimpse at what the program will look like.

In a two-minute trailer posted to the show’s Twitter page, we see co-hosts Mike Greenberg, Jalen Rose and Michelle Beadle seated at a desk in front of large glass windows overlooking the East River. The studio, whose construction delayed the show three months, looks airy and chic.

Even with Get Up’s April 2 debut approaching, we don’t know much about the show’s content. ESPN has said it will offer “news, opinion, and analysis,” but that describes just about every show on the network. It’s supposed to have a casual, morning-show vibe but apparently won’t be afraid to delve into thorny political issues.

The little interview nuggets in the trailer didn’t tell us much, with Beadle saying, essentially, that she was sick of rehearsing and Greenberg promising, “We’ll be better the second week than we were the second month, and we’ll be better the second month than we were the first month, and I think we’ll be better the second year than we were the first year.” Rose’s input: “We ’bout to take over the industry. We ’bout to kill the game.”

Greenberg somewhat elaborated in an interview with the Chicago Tribune, saying “I want the show to be all things to all sports fans.”

If we want to read deeply into the trailer, we could maybe conclude that the set resembles that of a First Take-style talk show much more so than that of a SportsCenter-style highlight show, but given the personalities involved, there will probably be a mix of video and talk. We’ll find out for sure soon enough.

Get Up will air weekdays from 7-10 a.m. ET. then re-air on ESPN2.

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