A week ago, ESPN announced that following this weekend’s conclusion of The Last Dance, they would air a trio of new 30 for 30s over the following four Sundays, including a two-parter on Lance Armstrong. On Wednesday, ESPN released the first trailer for the Armstrong 30 for 30, simply entitled Lance.


The Armstrong 30 for 30 was teased back in January along with the features on Bruce Lee and the Sammy Sosa/Mark McGwire home run chase, both of which will be airing in the coming weeks.

As for the Armstrong doc, it was directed by Marina Zenovich, who has also directed acclaimed features on Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, and Roman Polanski. Notably, she also directed the 30 for 30 Fantastic Lies about the Duke lacrosse scandal, which we rated quite highly four years ago.

I’m optimistic about this, though four hours on Lance Armstrong might be a bit much (especially since there have been other Armstrong features in recent years, including Alex Gibney’s The Armstrong Lie from 2013). But it’s been nearly seven years since that film premiered, and while there haven’t been many notable developments in Armstrong’s life since then (aside from continued lawsuits and various court proceedings), maybe that time has allowed him to self-reflect on his indiscretions a bit more.

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