Poor Broadcast

Last year, ESPN was blasted multiple times throughout the college football season due to a broadcast that looked fuzzy or out-of-focus during its Pac-12 football broadcasts. The network said it had a plan to solve those sorts of problems ahead of the 2022 college football season, but apparently, there is still work to do on that front.

During the broadcast of Saturday afternoon’s game between the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Arkansas Razorbacks on the SEC Network – part of ESPN’s family of networks – many viewers noticed that the picture was certainly not high quality.




It’s not clear why exactly the picture was fuzzy during Saturday’s broadcast – whether it was the camera, the broadcast equipment, or some combination of both. But as one viewer pointed out, the network’s more close-up shots throughout the broadcast appeared to be much better in terms of picture quality.

Before this college football season, ESPN said it had identified the root of its broadcast and picture issues last year, discovering that the problems were due to different brands of technology that didn’t quite work well together.

After Saturday’s struggles, it looks like either those problems are still persisting or the network will have problems to figure out once again this season.