ESPN flag Bristol, CT – March 9, 2017: ESPN flag (Photo by Melissa Rawlins / ESPN Images)

Another round of ESPN layoffs came and went Wednesday, receiving very little attention for one simple reason: those who lost their jobs were not big-name, on-camera personalities. They were the type of behind-the-scenes folks who make shows possible without receiving much credit for the final product.

But even if the public doesn’t understand the impact that the 150 people who were laid off Wednesday had on ESPN, those inside the company certainly did. A number of notable ESPN personalities chimed in Wednesday or Thursday to shout out colleagues who lost their jobs.

On “Around the Horn,” Tony Reali took a few seconds to mention 27-year NFL veteran David Brofsky.

Bomani Jones, Don Van Natta, and others also mentioned Brofsky by name.

T.J. Quinn mentioned Brofsky, as well as Stu Barbara.

Numerous current and former ESPNers had glowing things to say about John Sawatsky, who coached hundreds of reporters on interviewing practices.

Those passionate tributes to Sawatsky and others offer a reminder that just because most ESPN employees don’t work in front of the camera doesn’t mean they’re not important to the network. Even beyond Sawatsky, Brofsky and other ESPN veterans who received love on Twitter, dozens of talented people who made ESPN function are now out of a job. There’s not much to say about that other than that it really, really sucks.

UPDATE: Bob Ley devoted the final minute or so of “Outside The Lines” on Thursday to Brofsky, saying “without him, we wouldn’t be in the position today to deliver this show.

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