Pardon The Interruption mixed up the Louisville Cardinals (L) and Louisville Bats (R) Tuesday.

There have been plenty of misidentifications in sports over the years, from the wrong Will Allen to the “Alboa Bar” to Jena Sims/Becky Edwards to Aaron Jones. But one that happened to ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption Tuesday was particularly interesting, as it saw that show put up a photo of the Louisville Bats (the Cincinnati Reds’ triple-A affiliate) while discussing the Louisville Cardinals (the NCAA baseball team moving on to the super regionals). Here’s that photo:

This was a conversation about Michael McAvene (seen at left above), the Louisville reliever ejected with two outs in the ninth inning against Indiana Sunday for saying “That’s horrible” about the home plate umpire’s strike zone, and then banned for four games as a result. McAvene was then drafted by the Chicago Cubs 103rd overall Tuesday afternoon. And it’s of course fair for Pardon The Interruption to talk about that, and it’s somewhat understandable how they showed the wrong team here; the Louisville Bats also frequently wear red, and the Cardinals also frequently have “Louisville” on their jerseys (albeit in a different font). But it does make for a funny error.

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