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Now that the Big Ten’s TV deals have been announced, much of the attention regarding college media rights deals is turning to the Pac-12.

ESPN is considered a prime favorite to strike a deal, largely because of the company being shut out of the Big Ten’s rights, the existing relationship between the conference and the company, the sheer amount of hours that ESPN needs to fill across its various networks, and its established streaming platform, ESPN+.

Per connected Pac-12 reporter John Canzano, discussions between ESPN and the Pac-12 are considered “productive,” with the two parties “in the midst of positive conversations.”

Talks between ESPN and the Pac-12 have been “productive” per a conference insider. “We’re still in the midst of positive conversations but haven’t reached a final offer stage,” the source said. “We’ve been much more engaged with George (Kliavkoff). We’re all in sync, we’re all in line. We’ve got some high level media consultants at the tables.”

Canzano also reports that the Pac-12 media rights front will likely be quiet until Labor Day.

As for a potential Pac-12/ACC relationship, which Canzano reported last month, it’s still a possibility. However, money will obviously play a significant role in whether or not it happens.

A “loose partnership” between the Pac-12 and ACC is still very much on the table, but nobody is quite sure how much new money ESPN might be able to squeeze out of it — and the money is why you’d do it.

Well, yeah, that sounds about right.

I’m curious what will happen regarding a second (or third?) partner to ESPN for the Pac-12’s rights. Will Fox, even after re-upping with the Big Ten, have interest in retaining the rights? Could a tech company, as long-rumored, pick up a package? Would a company from completely out of left field dive in? Or will it be all ESPN, all the time for the Pac-12?

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