Mike Golic may soon lose his broadcast partner, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be leaving ESPN anytime soon.

ESPN guru James Miller reported Wednesday that, after some negotiation, Golic and the network have agreed to terms on a new contract.

Golic has worked at ESPN for almost 20 years, and there wasn’t much real danger he would leave, but there are some complicating factors surrounding his future. Back in January, SI.com’s Richard Deitsch reported that Golic’s Mike & Mike co-host Mike Greenberg will soon get his own morning show on ESPN. Greenberg recently confirmed that he was in talks about a new gig but said reports of his break-up with Golic are “premature.”

Greenberg and Golic have been partners for 18 years, as Mike & Mike has become a centerpiece of ESPN Radio’s lineup.

Golic said last month that if Greenberg leaves the show, “I would imagine I would be doing it with somebody else.” The most persistent rumors about Greenberg’s replacement have involved Mike Golic Jr. and Trey Wingo, but Golic told Sporting News that he won’t complain no matter who it is.

If, in fact, it is going to change, if Greeny is going to go do his thing in New York, I believe, it’s not like the show is going to end,” he said. “ESPN keeps going. People have gone on to other networks. People have gone on to switch shows. And shows still keep going. They keep going. If I do it with another partner, I look forward to it. I love doing the show. I enjoyed doing it with Tony Bruno for a year. I certainly enjoyed the 18 years with Greeny. If we move on from that, I’ll enjoy it if I do it with someone else next.”

For now, Golic will continue alongside Greenberg on Mike & Mike, under a new fresh new contract.

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